Understanding your customers through virtual reality immersions

Needing more than just the big data, numerous companies are struggling to gain a deeper understanding of the current customers, and potential new customer segments.  This is where VR comes in… 

The client in question wanted to resensitize their leaders to the worlds of their customers, and couldn’t afford the time, inconvenience or expense involved in arranging real-world visits for all of them.  At the same time, there was a recognition that, in addition to rekindling curiosity about customers, they wanted the leaders to learn new practices related to interacting with potential customers – how to talk to them without driving them off!

We designed four virtual reality-based immersions into different worlds that were examples of their market segmentation.  The participants were immersed for 8-10 minutes in their neighborhoods, homes and in a one-on-one recorded interview in order to see some of the skills of open-ended questioning techniques in action (and to learn the power of observation in context).

This experience prepared them well for what came next – actual real-time interviews with potential customers to gain insights into new product and service offerings that they could develop.

Do your people need to better understand the worlds of their stakeholders?  Contact us and let’s talk about it.

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