Giving Back

When we started Red Fern, we were already involved in a number of charitable organizations. Our view is that making money to pay the bills is insufficient for sustaining our lives – yes, it is important and necessary, but we should align our work with our values, and make room to donate our time, efforts and income as we can to various causes. And, we think we should be open about this with our clients.

Here’s our approach:

  1. Social justice initiatives: We donate our time to Justice United and Apoyo. Allison is the lead of the Faith in Action efforts at our church, which works through Justice United to coordinate with other churches and institutions to make progress on county-wide actions. Allison is also Assistant Secretary for the Northern Orange NAACP.
  2. Faith-based initiatives: We are active members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Hillsborough, where Allison is the Moderator, and Steve is on the Communications committee and serves as a teacher in Religious Exploration programs.
  3. International Education and Development: Steve is an advisory board member of Congo Education Partners, which is (as of this account) the only international support organization for a small technical college in Tshuapa Province, DRC. Read more about CEP here.