Where do we begin?

You may wonder what the process looks like for designing a video-based virtual reality immersion. Please contact us if you want to talk about the details, and/or to investigate potential application to your needs. No obligation for the first call.

Design considerations: These are points we counsel our clients through when exploring the possibilities. Most of these assume an educational purpose.

  • You have a need for which immersion in a context that matters is warranted
  • You’ve got budget to spend on creating something powerful
  • You’re already thinking about how this immersion features as a catalyst – or key ingredient – of a larger intervention
  • How the immersion will be delivered – what tech platform(s) and assumptions around that; and you have accounted for that expense
  • Accessibility – comfort-level with the experience NOT being completely accessible
  • Integration – “desires and requires” related to existing systems
  • Internal marketing and preparation
  • Time – you’ve got at least 12 weeks

What we provide

  • Consulting on design – programmatic and for the virtual reality immersion itself
  • Scripting – development of scripts for actors (as needed)
  • Sourcing – actors, people, locations, props, production team, permissions šŸ™‚
  • Communications – to stakeholders, design team
  • Transparency – in pricing and options*
  • Direction – of the production
  • Production team – We pull together an A+ production crew and work through the project from start to finish
  • Implementation and facilitation – as needed, we can be there as SMEs for live delivery*
  • Hosting – We have some capacity for hosting VR immersions, depending on need and format

*Pricing: We believe in paying people fair wages. We will always pay any talent or production crew members we hire a fair wage for their time and talents. If you are not of the same mind, then it’s best for you to choose another partner.

*Delivery: Only if necessary will we agree to travel to do a physical, in place, delivery. This is a consideration for our planet that we share. There are quite powerful and effective ways to deliver sessions featuring VR immersions remotely. We have significant experience with this.