About Red Fern


The founders and owners of Red Fern are Steve and Allison Mahaley.  Both have spent their lives and careers as educators. Allison’s primary experience has been in the the public sector and with her Master’s in School Administration has taught students, mentored teachers, presented at conferences, and has worked as an advocate for parents and students from middle-school through college. Allison is also a community organizer committed to dismantling racism through open dialogue and peace-building measures. She offers workshops and consulting about personal empowerment and organizational effectiveness through healthy organizational culture. 

Steve started in the public sector then moved to the private sector where he worked for Duke University and Duke Corporate Education for 20 years.  In that time he focused on the application of technology to learning, and traveled the world teaching, designing and applying new technologies to help leaders learn and apply new skills at work. He now works on small and large projects for clients; from experiential learning facilitation to design and development of tech-enabled learning programs. He has a qualification in JCA Global’s Emotional Intelligence Profile instrument, and also runs design and methodology workshops for internal L&D teams.

Red Fern works closely with two strategic partners: BCT Partners, owned and led by Dr. Randal Pinkett; and The Dialogue Company, owned and led by Dr. David Campt. Through these partnerships, the Mahaleys design and deliver many various workshops and experiences about allyship, diversity, equity, and inclusion and most of all, creating a more just and compassionate world.

Both Allison and Steve hold Master’s Degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill. They have raised two sons who are both graduates of state universities. They are native North Carolinians with a vested interest in every child, youth, and adult getting excellent educations.

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