What is an HPLJ?

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Prof. Robert Brinkerhoff over the past year or two, and am currently a student (yes, trying to live the idea of continuous learning and improvement!) in an 11-week process of becoming one of his certified High Performance Learning Journey designers.

A what?

Well, you can easily find info about Brinkerhoff, but to quickly sum it up, his focus has been on evaluating learning programs for effectiveness (read, impact).  The simple idea that learning programs and experiences should be linked to some recognized problem that, when addressed, will enhance individual, team and / or organizational performance in a real, practical and measurable way is at the core of his work.

And now he has teamed up with designers at Promote International to offer this certification process.  I’m in the middle of it now, and am happy to report that this is a really well-designed course!  We meet ever couple of weeks for a long but manageable online ‘class time’, and have a very structured, interesting and applicable set of materials and process to apply what we are learning to our own work.


I’m building the prototype of a high performance learning journey geared to engage individuals in a process of self-awareness, practice of new skills, and application to relationships they wish to foster and/or repair.  More soon – but this is pairing my virtual reality immersion work with assessment data, content, exercises and support mechanisms related to diversity, inclusion and belonging.  This is terribly important and exciting work…

Want to know more?  Give me a shout…