From whiteboard to global insights

It occurred to me some years ago that photo-sharing apps were gaining popularity, and that with the power of smart phones and increasingly powerful cameras, individuals had a new tool for capturing and sharing – and not just selfies 🙂

What would it be like to get photo-based evidence from learning program participants – from wherever they are in the world, and connected to a particular learning objective?

That idea was the genesis of the Insight Tracker app that I developed for Duke CE.  It is very simple:  The program designers and educators think creatively about what insights and inputs could be useful for participants to share, before they show up in the classroom (virtual or in place).  Then we think about if and how those insights could take the form of photos – of objects, events, locations, etc.

Those design inputs result in a set of ‘challenges’ that can be issued by administrators through the app server, and immediately are accessible by the users.  And that’s when the joy begins..  Everyone takes photos, comments, shares, and can comment on others’ photos.

This has been used before, during and after learning events.  And it’s very cool when the educator can pull up the admin interface and share the photo wall of all the images, allowing the contributors to expound on their contributions.

Sometimes a great learning tool can be very simple; and the idea starts on a whiteboard.  The image above is the original drawing I made for the developer.

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