“Oh no – he didn’t just do that!”

Participants in the beta test of Through My Eyes had these kinds of reactions – curious, intense, emotional and familiar.

Presence; choices; data collected.

We are thrilled to partner with BCT Partners, who are on a mission to create a diverse and equitable society, and Research Triangle Institute, a research institution dedicated to improving the human condition. What happens when you mix learning design with immersive technology, diversity and inclusion context, and data collection expertise? You have a new opportunity for data-driven discussions and personalized action-planning related to creating a more diverse and equitable society. The human condition is improved – at least a bit.

I want to thank, in particular, Dr. Randal Pinkett, CEO of BCT Partners for his expertise, energy and enthusiasm; Dr. Lucas Blair, for his ‘anything is possible’ attitude and team commitment (Ms. Heather Wiggins, product portfolio manager and Ms. Kellie Jones, programmer extraordinaire); Mr. Mike Cuales, CEO of LEVR studios for his genuine blend of humor, humility and deep technical expertise; and our pilot participants for giving us the feedback we needed, and for proving the power of the immersion.

And now, we are starting to go on the road. Interested? Contact us here.

Mike Cuales, Kellie Jones, Lucas Blair, Heather Wiggins, Steve Mahaley, Randal Pinkett