Problems worth solving

In a conversation with a colleague recently, I was going on about this clarity I feel around the work we do at Red Fern – that, while there are many logical applications of virtual reality technology and excellent design work going on out there, we, here, are not driven simply by what technology *can* do, but rather what it *should* do to help with real issues.

We find ourselves, here in the 21st century, with a host of problems that seem to plague humanity: human rights abuses, attacks on democracy, destruction of natural resources, wealth and health disparities, and (especially it seems in our country) an insatiable desire for ‘more, bigger, faster’ at a time when a collective application of the brake pedal on ‘progress’ might be desperately needed.

I told my friend something like “I only really want to work on problems worth solving”. He said, “you should rename your company to that”.

We won’t rename the company, but we will sharpen our focus on what constitutes a problem worth solving, and therefore what projects we prefer to engage in. What follows below are posts and stories about the problems we are thrilled and humbled to be working on, alongside some truly amazing people.