The storm before the storm

Yeah – I’m not really proud of what this looks like – BUT it is honest. This is ‘the storm’ that happens in VR production way before a camera is ever turned on.

I’m so very excited to be working on a project in collaboration with the National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ) and BCT Partners, to develop virtual reality immersions that, in combination with a training session and related materials, will hopefully close the gap in health outcomes that black women / birthing folks experience.


I’ve learned a lot during the interview process. I’ve spoken with leaders in OB-GYN service delivery, doctors, doulas, certified nurse midwives and others from the midwest to the northeast and all the way to Mississippi. Speaking with women who have been through it, and with the fabulous allies in the field who see the problem and are investing their time and energy into advocating for change.

The next storm:
Now – back to it! Design approved, script (with amazing collaborative help from NICHQ staff) is ready, actors are auditioning, and we have a location secured for two days of shooting. Long hectic days of focus, emotion, performance, review and more performance. Red Fern will be working once again with the fabulous folks at LEVR Studios for technical production.

I hope that this work results in real change for medical professionals engaged in, or training for, bringing healthy babies into the world – real change that may even save a life at some point.