Virtual Reality for Advancing Inclusion

As noted in prior posts, Red Fern has partnered with BCT Partners (experts in organizational development, diversity and inclusion) to create a virtual reality immersion entitled “Through My Eyes“.  This experiences capitalizes on the qualities of virtual reality immersion to situate learners in a context rife with micro-behaviors.


The scenario is commonplace (sadly), but therefore approachable for many audiences, and leaves the participants saying “Wow! This has happened to me!” and “I’ve done this, myself”.  

These moments of insight are captured not only through the debriefing in a workshop setting, but also are powered by data collected from the participants while they are in the immersion itself – their choices, their focus – which then leads to a much more personalized learning journey for self and team / organizational improvement.

With our combined expertise in educational design, experiential design, data analytics, and unconscious bias, we are excited to bring this to our clientele.  For more about this offering, and to schedule a demo, contact us here.