Time to Pilot

I am very excited to announce our collaborative work with BCT Partners and the first version of the virtual reality immersion for revealing and confronting unconscious bias: Through My Eyes. This version tackles some very common and prevalent examples of gender, race and age bias.

Press Release – April 23, 2019

As I’ve described in previous posts (here, and here), this has been a labor of love, with a fair dose of cautious optimism that this is going to result in what we are looking for – a new mechanism for generating empathy and capturing authentic data on bias in action. This, combined with other steps, will lead to personalized action planning and behavior shift.

This week, a press release went out that now sets the stage for the first pilot efforts with this new digital pedagogy. I fully expect that we will learn a lot, and that small tweaks will be made. And I am hopeful that interest will be there so that we can develop additional modules to cover more forms of bias.

Want to know more? Want to run a pilot? Let us know.