Building Bridges

I’ve been remis in getting updates out!

Production day – cast and crew! L-R: Jonathan Varillas; MaryMargaret Coble; Brandon Solomon; Melissa Lopez; KT Giraldo; Lorena Patterson; Major B. Neal; Geoff Gann; Taylor Osborne; Marco Cervantes (kneeling); Deputy Albert O’Neal; Mike Cuales and Deputy Lartey Cade. Many thanks to Patricia and Richard (and Jenny!) for the use of their house, and to Mr. DuMont for parking space. Much gratitude to Sheriff Baker and his team at the Wake County Sheriff’s Office, and to our panel of Latino / Hispanic advisors, led by Lorena.

Above you see one of our latest projects – a fantastic collaboration with North Carolina State University that is focused on creating a set of virtual reality immersions for NC Law Enforcement Officer training. I can’t say much about it now, but will say that the subject matter could not be more in tune with our work to use VR for human understanding.

What you see is a cast of fantastic talent – two of whom played law enforcement officers – and an assortment of extremely talented, generous and humble crew members and advisors. It’s difficult to write in words the feeling that I get when a project gets to this point: everyone shows up; actors become the characters imagined; real-time guidance is provided by the experts; and words become speech and action that create the powerful context for applying cultural competence.

I’ll report back on this as we are now deep into the detailed construction in post-production. Awesome.