Through My Eyes: A Prenatal Experience

  1. Choose a reporter from your group – someone who will summarize the team’s reflections when we return to plenary..
  2. Mute your microphones
  3. Use your mobile phone to launch the particular experiences from the QR codes, or use the web link to go to YouTube on your laptop. Each scene lasts between 2 and 6 minutes.
  4. When done, unmute your microphones and discuss the questions below.

Titles and Witness – The experience of Latoya Freeman.

Experience: Relive key moments from Latoya’s perspective.

Reflect: We caught up with some of the characters.

Now – Imagine what it would be like if things were different. What do you notice about this revised version of Latoya’s experience?

  1. Share your experience of the immersion, when you witnessed and experienced it in the first round:
    • What microaggressions did you witness – from the Doctor, Nurse, Receptionist? Other microaggressions?
    • What could the Doctor, Nurse or Receptionist each do to improve Latoya’s experience?
  2. What surprised you, if anything, from the Reflect series?
  3. What changed during the Imagine sequence – what was different?
  4. What from this experience do you think your team or practice needs to explore further?