Our learning trio has been a great way to keep me accountable for having these deeper, more meaningful conversations. We’ve talked about some tough stuff — religion, family, political beliefs — but I think it really helps us all to see each other as humans.

“Michelle” and I did the interview. We talked about some deep and heavy things we have experienced, and how those events shaped who we are and how we think. We also spent some time working through the interview questions getting to know each other on a different level. I really enjoyed spending the time getting to know “Michelle”. She is one amazing human, and we are lucky to have her in the (company) family. 

One quote I found really interesting on the topic as diversity as related to innovation was, “158% (no, that’s not a typo) more likely to understand their target end-users and innovate effectively if one or more members on the team represent the user’s demographic.” I can’t help but feel that’s really relevant to what we’re doing here.

DEI Accelerator Program, 2019