Red Fern collaborates with BCT Partners in the development of virtual reality immersions to help individuals, teams, and organizations better understand themselves, and others.

Experiencing Bias

Issue: Having first-hand experience as a person of a different demographic and what microaggressions they may experience, and the impact that has on the team and performance.

Alan – Department Head

Denise – Product Manager

Katie – Data Analyst

Taylor – Product Manager

New Customers

Issue: Understanding financial security realities of potential customers of various demographic groups. Also, demonstrating ‘deep’ interview technique. These are not actors.

Colleen – Starting Out


Jon – Building


John – Pre-Retirement


Penny – Retirement


New Cultures

Issue: Western business leaders may not have had exposure to new markets and cultures. In this case, urban Mumbai, India.

Narrated Version


New Clients

Issue: Financial Services company losing too many clients of specific demographics. Data gathering and interviews identified 3 archetypes, and the behaviors the teams were exhibiting that failed to win the clients over. These immersions put the learner in observation mode, and then in first person view from the client’s perspective.

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The Team Meeting

One of the clients: Nomi Kass

Nomi Kass – Entrepreneur

Cultural Competence for Law Enforcement

Issue: Law Enforcement trainees often have little cultural competence when it comes to Latinx / Hispanic community members (many of whom are undocumented). This work is currently underway – two scenarios (traffic stop and domestic disturbance) to provide law enforcement trainees first hand experience in the tense moments of miscommunication, and then in the positive application of approaches to create understanding.