Allies in April – La Mesa #WPC21Mesa

Comp Warrior Bootcamp cover One year ago, I met Dr. David Campt.  Since the first time I talked with him on the phone, he and I have connected in some pretty profound ways. Most of all, we agree about the most important role white allies can play in moving the needle on racism and build a better, more compassionate and connected world.

David and I collaborated on this edition of his Boot Camp last spring (available here). Since then, I have worked many hours with David as we brainstormed ideas for how to reach allies and what they need to be more effective and stay engaged. So when the call for proposals to present at the White Privilege Conference came out, we applied. Yesterday we were accepted and will be there April 1- 4. Check out the conference, If you decide to go, please make sure to connect with us at our session. Our topic is “Silence is Violence – How the privilege of staying silent or being unproductively confrontational about racism is harming communities of color as well as white communities.”