Through My Eyes: The UBS Client Experience


  1. Mute your microphones
  2. Each of you needs to view the UBS Team Meeting experience, first.
  3. Then, view the three client meetings that follow.
  4. Use your mobile phone to launch each experience from the QR code and place your phone in your cardboard holder, or use the web link to see the immersions on your laptop. Each lasts between 3 and 4 minutes.
  5. When done, note your responses to the questions below.

All: Watch this first.

The UBS Team Meeting

Now, spend a few minutes as each of these clients:

Candace Watkins – Silent Spouse

Candace Watkins

Nomi Kass – Entrepreneur

Nomi Kass

Alexander Pitts – Millennial

Alexander Pitts

Breakout Group Discussion Directions:

Note your answers to the following questions, about the scenes you experienced:

  • What was the experience like, for you, seeing these client interactions through their eyes? What did it feel like?
  • What concerns or issues did the clients have with the UBS team members?
  • What gave the clients cause to be concerned?
  • What did you notice about how the UBS team prepared for the meeting with the clients?
  • What would you suggest that the UBS team members do differently for:
    • Candace Watkins
    • Nomi Kass
    • Alexander Pitts

Be prepared to share at least 3 suggestions for how to improve these clients’ experience when we return to plenary! You have 40 minutes….