Change management: Cultural shift for equity and excellence

You cannot achieve excellence if there is not equity; equity is useless if its goal is not excellence. Change is both frequent and disruptive. It creates discomfort and growing pains. Managing this change positively can allow for growth and realignment which are essential for long-term success. Staying focused on the vision while being both accountable and flexible builds synergy. If done well, the renewal process is on-going, purposeful, and reinvigorating.

Organizational Development: Vision, mission, short and long range planning

Creating a home base where each person’s passion belongs and can grow is key to organizational health. Long-term success and viability rests on getting vision and mission aligned with what individuals want and need. Assessment, intervention, adjustment, accountability, and legacy planning all weave together to create an arc of institutional success for the long term.

Design Innovation

Learning technology and design – including new experience design, blended learning design, content design, webinar design, online facilitation guidance, and learning technology strategy; conceptualizing, designing, and developing new learning experiences and services powered by technologies.