In partnership with the White Ally Toolkit

Doing My Part to Dismantle Racism begins July 9th.  This course is a virtual blended learning experience based on best practices for engaging others in the race conversation. Rooted in compassionate listening and best-practices for persuasion,the course is designed as a personal learning journey centered around you, your relationships, and your aspirations to take productive action in the face of racism skeptics.  This 4-session online course will teach participants how to make a direct impact on racism as well as increase their ability to influence people on a general level. We will focus on helping anti-racist allies become more effective at managing conversations with others so that they can be a transformative force about racism.  Register here 

Allison teaching allies in a recent face-to-face event.

Toward Masterful Allyship: Taking Allyship even further

This course is for people who have actually engaged racism skeptics using the methods of White Ally Toolkit and want to become much more proficient in these methods. This course will be a blended learning journey, combining asynchronous learning and live sessions with Dr. David Campt and his team of trained ally coaches. Five live training sessions are 8-9:30pm EDT Sundays July 12, 19, Aug 2, Aug 16, Aug 30. Register here

Empowered Allyship – This 6 session, limited enrollment course is based on the Compassionate Warrior Bootcamp approach to allyship. Rooted in dismantling racism through self examination, values clarification, and dialogue, participants will learn about humbly repairing relationships that have gone awry, interrupting racially problematic thinking and actions they encounter, and reframing their own unconscious bias as a super-power for building multicultural, beloved- community. This blended learning model will cover why compassionate community building through honest dialogue is exactly what the world is demanding at this historic moment. Enrollment is limited to 50 people for each section. Register here

Section One meets on consecutive Mondays starting July 13  7-8:30 pm ET (4 pm PT)

Section Two meets on consecutive Mondays starting July 13 10-11:30 pm ET (7 pm PT) 

Cost is $199 and includes a free pdf version of “Equipping Anti-Racism Allies”