Open Enrollment – Doing My Part

Doing My Part as an Anti-Racism Ally is an open enrollment course we are co-teaching with our strategic partner – Dr David Wiley Campt.  This course is a virtual blended learning experience based on best practices for engaging others in the race conversation. Rooted in compassionate listening and best-practices for persuasion, the course is designed as a personal learning journey centered around you, your relationships, and your aspirations to take productive action in the face of racism deniers. 

This 4-session online course will teach participants how to make a direct impact on racism as well as increase their ability to influence people on a general level. We will focus on helping anti-racism allies become more effective at managing conversations with others so that they can be a transformative force in the fight for justice.  Learn more and register here


Cost is $225, Click here to register. Use Discount Code REDFERN at checkout for 20% off registration.