Design Innovation

Learning technology and design – including new experience design, blended learning design, content design, webinar design, online facilitation guidance, and learning technology strategy; conceptualizing, designing, and developing new learning experiences and services powered by technologies.

What we provide:


High Performance Learning Journey (HPLJ) program designs:  Certified by Robert Brinkerhoff and Promote International, we can help you take your learning initiative to the next level, using Brinkerhoff’s HPLJ framework along with our own tools and experience.  This helps ensure that you and your stakeholders are clear on the expected outcomes of your initiative, and that your learners actually use the concepts, content, frameworks and practices to better themselves, their teams and/or the organizations they serve.  Steve and Allison are both certified HPLJ Champions.

Design Labs:  Have an existing design that you want to modernize?  We can help by collaborating with you in a workshop process we bring that is focused on applying great design principles with technologies in mind.  This is a 1-2 day process (depending on scope) that involves selected core team members in a learn-as-you-design context.  Your team members will learn frameworks and approaches to designing for e-based delivery, while practically applying those in real time to the initiative at hand.  You walk away with a revised design that is ready for testing.

Learning Technology Strategy Session:  One thing we know for sure – technology will strategy wheelchange!  To catch up with and ride the right waves of technology innovation, we provide a guided discussion around a learning technology strategy framework that will help your Learning and Development leaders identify what to keep, what to jettison, what to experiment with, and how to stay abreast of new technologies.  We use the ‘radar model’ to guide this discussion, and a set of structured questions that build towards a recommended approach you can feel confident in taking forward.

First of A Kind (FOAK) Innovation:  Want to create something completely new?  We have done this before, and are happy to join with you as thought partners to help ask good questions, facilitate design conversations, organize around a process, and even assist with building the end product.  Examples of FOAK work include:

  • A mobile app to share photo-driven insights
  • Virtual reality for customer understanding
  • Experiential learning sessions for your team
  • Multiplayer game for new hire orientation
  • or prototyping an application of augmented reality for your workforce

We can help you think this through and get you connected to our network of experts, as needed.

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