Emotional Intelligence and Change Assessments

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Steve is certified with PSI’s Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP) and Discovery Learning International’s Change Style Indicator (CSI) and can work with your team to identify their application to your learning initiative. 

eip-sampleThe EIP is especially useful in helping team members, managers and leaders understand how emotional intelligence is a skill they can learn, and that doing so will improve their relationships and the performance of their teams.  What we like about their model is that it clearly outlines self vs. other in terms of regard, attitude and behaviors.  Insights from the debriefing, along with some planning and reinforcement, lead to better relationships and performance at work (and elsewhere).

The CSI is very helpful in helping team members become aware of their own style, or approach to change – and the styles of others.  This tool provides very practical suggestions on how to include all team members – especially those with styles different than your own.

Steve can arrange for the distribution of these assessments to your target audience and then works with you to integrate the design of a presentation and debriefing session to help your participants make sense of their scores, and build action plans around them.

Working in India with a group of leaders.