Team Leadership for Middle Managers

I had the great pleasure of working on a project aimed at raising awareness and skills related to high performing team leadership. Many thanks to Sunil Vadlamani at ExecutiveAcceleration in India for making this happen, and to my design and delivery conspirator Nikhil Raval from Learn Wisely for bringing his expertise and camaraderie to the process.

Client: Insurance industry leader.

Participants: 65 middle managers with team leadership responsibilities from a couple of offices in India.

Business performance outcomes:

  • Improved team performance in terms of responsiveness to business needs
  • Increased peer and stakeholder connections to improve communication, speed and quality of work

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop insight into emotional intelligence as it relates to leading high performing teams, and connecting across stakeholder groups
  • Understand core ideas behind how high performing teams (HPTs) work
  • Connect the value of HPTs to their business performance
  • Understand their role in creating and maintaining HPTs
  • Practice applying HPT skills and giving feedback
  • Plan for a personal HPT experiment, connecting concepts into an agenda for action
Team working through a simulation

One of the models I used was from Project Aristotle, examining excellence in team performance at Google. There are some good and practical ideas in that work – with the critical factor of creating psychological safety for the individuals in the team at the core of it.

Of course we couldn’t just talk about the ideas 🙂 We mixed participants up to get them into table groups and discussions with others they had not met, and engaged them in two rousing idea-to-action experiences that, with 65 participants in the room, made the event joyfully noisy and intense!

Many thanks to the client for entrusting me with their middle managers for a couple of days, and to the participants for their focus and demonstrated commitment to trying new things out as they returned to work.

Me and Nikhil, ready for action!

And I personally love spending time in India – such a fascinating country brimming with cultural diversity and, in my experience, people with a core foundation of humility and openness that makes working there such a joy.